Whats up with folks inability to design/manufacturer LiIon batteries which dont blow

In the last few years, we had laptop batteries, cell phone batteries, drill batteries, and now perhaps even the ipod…. Japan Warns Of iPod Fire Risks – Podcasting News. There really is no rocket science to designing LiIon protection circuitry, nor manufacturing such… but the risk of botching it is significant, thus care is needed. […]

Vacuum Forming Plastic Pinball and Coin-Op Game Parts, Water Slide Decals

Vacuum Forming Plastic Pinball and Coin-Op Game Parts, Water Slide Decals This is a cool website detailing the fabrication of replacement arcade game parts. Its interesting to note the use of PETG as the material selection. I guess it makes sense as its thermoforming range is pretty high, as contrasted with the narrow temperature range […]

Skype Prime introducing the global expertise marketplace –

I think the 3 way combination of Skype Prime, Paypal, and eBay has some real potential, although I must admit I am less than pleased with the max limits, and the revenue sharing arrangement. The maximum per minute fee is US$ 2.50, and with a 30% cut going to skype, the maximum hourly rate is […]

Federal Bureau of Investigation – These guys are cool

Federal Bureau of Investigation – Home Page As much as I crab about politics, not so much here, but elsewhere in webspace, I need to express my appreciation for the FBI. The average Joe on the street, unless one knows an agent personally knows they exist, and has an idea what they do, but thats […]

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