Fixing netflix instant watch MediaError(1231)

 After running into MediaError(1231) numerous times, and having Netflix tell me to upgrade(sure…) to Silverlight(junk), I had had enough. Thus it was time to go digging. I couldn’t be the first to run into this problem… And sure enough, folks were running into it on the netflix ning site. Some additional googling led me to believe it […]

Some interesting thoughts on risk analysis

I was reviewing the Therac-25 disaster, and a few interesting things came out as concerns risk analysis, which transcend a multitude of other areas. In a nutshell, the Therac-25 was a radiation therapy machine, which operated under software control, and there were a multitude of assumptions, processes, operator UI issues, business, and design factors which […]

The ultimate pedometer, and its free sort of….

The first android phones started rolling out on the T-Mobile system not too long ago, perhaps more widely knowm as the google phone. Android is the operating system the T-Mobile G1 runs under, and its almost open source, thus why I refer to such as android phones. Whats cool, is the ability to write your […]

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