6 Axis Flight Simulation via 1.8 Micron Infrared Stimulation

A recurrent problem with flight simulation is the huge cost and space requirements necessary for 6 axis motion control. As a result, motion controlled flight simulation is out of the realm for most, short of the airlines, or the exceedingly dedicated and well funded hobbyist. A proposed flight simulator of the future would use 1.8 […]

Twe-voip-er some blue sky stuff 3rd gen twitter

Twitter is an interesting communications tool for sure. Yet, its efficiency in human communication, as well as relationship building are limited. Some background and bluesky ideas for a voice based twitter are presented. Relationships A twitter newbie has an initial barrier to overcome, being they are not known, and that anyone we know, doesnt know […]

Electroporation Transfection Open Source ???

I’ve been reading through numerous patents as concerns electroporation, for two purposes. First to create a low cost open source instrument for DIYbio and educational institutions, and secondly, to see what improvements could be made to the current art. Electroporation otherwise known as transfection, is a method where a high voltage impulse is applied to […]

Smart Antenna Communications Modes

The CEA-909 standard calls out two different communications modes, A and B. Mode A is unidirectional, namely tv/convertor box to antenna only. Mode B is bidirectional, where in the smart antenna and tv/convertor box talk to one another. By far mode B is the best way to go… but nothing is ever simple. The problem […]

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