Commentary / Notes on How do Good Ideas Spread #DTActionLab

Some random ramblings on “How Do Good Ideas Spread” This is more along the line of notes and insights I picked up from the article for my own purposes rather than a formal blog post. Excuse the scatterbrainess. **************** From Twitter *************** Dana Mitroff SilversĀ ?@dmitroff7h Good article for #DTActionLab #VirtualLibrary: “How Do Good Ideas Spread?”in […]

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Open Spirometry

A spirometer is a medical device used to measure pulmonary function. In its most basic form, it measures air flow, and either directly or via integration, air volume. Most commercial units rely on some form of a mechanical turbine as a sensor, but there are a number of ways one might measure said flow velocities. […]

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Technical Communication, Ideas from Politics

Irrespective of how one leans politically, I dont think anyone would contest that Bill Clinton is an excellent speaker. He has an uncanny ability to connect with an audience… the following article presents some insights which seeming would also apply to technical communications. Why Bill Clinton’s Speeches Succeed Because he treats listeners as if […]

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