Inventorsgarage started in 2004, when the TechTV garage inventors message board was shut down during the G4 aquisition. We had a number of great convos on that old board, but alas, it was not a big enough revenue stream, nor was the show, thus it got pulled. I and a couple other guys got things rolling over here, but alas, without the tv show and coverage, we never got the traffic and new visitors that we did on the old board.

Ron Amundson, the sites founder is a product designer with over 20 years of experience, in a multitude of industries ranging from medical to aviation to consumer to government work. He currently has 2 patents, one in the arena of vehicle tracking, and the other in smart sensing. He also was a member of an ASTM working group on radiaition thermometry for a number of years.

He currently runs RH Amundson & Assoc, a product development firm focusing on early stage prototypes and feasibility studies. The firm also offers consulting in the end stage of a product development cycle. Typically, they get called in to do cleanup on manufacturing or design problems after a design has entered production and problems are encoutered. Specific areas including product qualification/redesign, testing, EMC, safety engineering, and manufacturing process test and debug. In other words, the team is comprised of firefighting engineers. We fix the impossible, and when that is truely not possible, we make exit suggestions early on so as to minimize risk as much as possible.

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