LED Illumination, Some Random Bits

The Osram LUW CP7P-KTLP-5C8E-35-Z is a rather inexpensive LED with some fairly impressive specs. Digikey pricing is $2.47 at 1200 piece quantities.

The specs are the following;

  • 109lumen at 350mA
  • 243 lumen at max current 1A (assuming one can keep it cool)
  • Viewing Angle 80 deg
  • Color: Cool white, 6500K
  • Size 3mmx3mmx2.23mm high

A full data sheet is available at http://media.digikey.com/pdf/Data%20Sheets/Osram%20PDFs/LUW_CP7P.pdf

The big problem with the above is temperature. Low cost FR4 PCB’s will not provide enough heat sinking.

The Cree MX3AWT-A1-R250-000C51 is another inexpensive LED, running about $1.87 at 250 piece quantities.

The specs are as follows.

  • 67 lumen at 350mA
  • 100 lumen at 400mA (assuming one can keep it cool)
  • Viewing Angle 120 deg
  • Color: Cool white 6500K
  • Size: 4.65mmx4.65mm

A full data sheet is at http://www.cree.com/products/pdf/XLampMX-3.pdf

Whats nifty about this part, is that one can use a double sided FR4 pcb and through the use of vias under the paddle achieve adequate thermal performance.

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