Canon EOS film and Digital Camera Lens Interchange

Canon EOS EF Lenses from film cameras can be used in Canon digital cameras which use EF-S lenses… sort of. They are not 100% interchangeable. A couple bid deal issues which must be considered.

  1. EF lenses from Canon film cameras will work on Canon digital cameras that use EF-S lenses, the reverse however is not the case. The reason is that EF-S lenses project further into the camera body, and as such they will not fit, and may even damage the mirror mechanism on film cameras.
  2. Digital camera sensors are for the most part smaller than 35mm film. The exception being cameras with full frame sensors, such as the Canon 1Ds etc. As a result of this, the lens effective focal length changes, typically by a factor of 1.6. As such a 35-80mm zoom lens becomes a 56-128mm.
  3. There may be other factors as time passes, it is always best to check with a competent camera guy before buying something only to be disappointed, or worse, damage your unit.

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