6 Axis Flight Simulation via 1.8 Micron Infrared Stimulation

A recurrent problem with flight simulation is the huge cost and space requirements necessary for 6 axis motion control. As a result, motion controlled flight simulation is out of the realm for most, short of the airlines, or the exceedingly dedicated and well funded hobbyist.

A proposed flight simulator of the future would use 1.8 micron infrared energy pulses to stimulate sensory hairs in such a fashion as to emulate a given spatial orientation.

Obviously the technology to do such today is more than a bit lacking. Most assuredly the challenges of recreating accurate waveform patterns in the appropriate location of the semi-circular canals is anything but simple. Also, there is a long way to go from toadfish to human, but alas… imagine the possibilities in flight simulation, or even other gaming if spatial orientation could be simulated in such a fashion.

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