Broken Stud Removal

Broken studs can be a real nightmare, even more so because more often than not, they end up in locations where its near impossible to get at. The traditional approaches of drilling out the stud, and then using an ez-out or other broken stud extraction tool often fail. Sometimes they mere strip out, which inevitable leads to redrilling the hole oversize and using a helicoil device. Sometimes, being its near impossible to get the drill properly lined up, you end up drilling off axis and into the threads, or worst case into another critical assembly, thus necessitating complete replacement. In other cases, the ez-out breaks off, and where upon EDM removal may be the only option.

Another approach consists of using a welding to build up material in the hole, such that a bolt/washer assembly can be welded to the previously buried broken stud. On the outset, such seems insane… but steel doesnt stick to aluminum, and the flux almost always builds up an insulating coating on the internal threads. I came across the following graphs which show how such is done…



















Granted, when a stud is buried, the chances of finding it in a top down vertical orientation is rare. As such, Lawson also provides the following alternative procedure.


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