Fake Grassroot Campaigns to Influence Public Policy

The Guardian had an interesting article entitled “The need to protect the internet from ‘astroturfing’ grows ever more urgent“. As one who used to co-lead a very large internet forum, we used to laugh at some of the lame attempts at astroturfing (they were easy to detect). The big deal is that over time, such […]

Long Wave IR Theremin Block Diagram 555 contest part 3

Here is the block diagram for the long wave IR theremin design. A full size expanded version is available by clicking the image. IR Sensor Discussion The IR sensors are an array of thin film Bismuth-Antimony thermocouples surrounded by Xenon gas. Active junctions in the center of the detector receive radiant energy through a thin […]

Long Wave IR Theremin Theory & Operation 555 contest part 2

The detector mounts are ready to roll but the it is getting more than a bit cold outside, so here goes the theory of operation and block diagram section. A simplified view of the long wave IR detector is shown in figure 1. The background radiation is ever present, and the detector is mounted in […]

Long Wave IR Theremin (555 contest) part 1

The traditional theremin used a couple oscillators, a reference one, and another one was controlled via physical proximity. The difference frequency between the oscillators was then sent to an amplifier, whose volume was controlled by yet another set of oscillators. In the 1920’s such an instrument was no doubt difficult to build. In our time […]

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