Twe-voip-er some blue sky stuff 3rd gen twitter

Twitter is an interesting communications tool for sure. Yet, its efficiency in human communication, as well as relationship building are limited. Some background and bluesky ideas for a voice based twitter are presented.

A twitter newbie has an initial barrier to overcome, being they are not known, and that anyone we know, doesnt know them either. Thus, most have to just throw things out, typically by the twitter bio, and tweet content, and hope that someone randomly comes across it. Another option is events, where like minded individuals tweet and discuss.

Contrast this with 3d, where We build relationships in most cases, by who we know, and by who they know, and/or as part of a peer group at an event.

We search out information via who we follow, but also with hashtags, and even with textual search. This is not unlike our peer groups and goto people, but is also a 3d legacy of tables of contents and indexes.

The process of communication
Visual is by far the fastest way of sorting, and capturing data. The picture being valued as a thousand words is very true. Of course the issue in realm time communications is a lack of space necessary to display many images, albeit new tech has made massive steps in this domain.

Keyboard entry otoh, is a slow way of communicating, albeit it is often significantly more precise that other methods, due to the pre-thoughts necessary. This can be even trickier when limited to 140 characters, yet the informal tone created does provide for greater spontaniety. It is an amazing balance.

Visual data entry is yet another matter, as its slow, and very skill dependent, yet when well done is an amazing tool.

Audio based communication is likely the most natural, and most convenient, and fastest from a data entry point of view. Yet, it is often error prone, and exceedingly difficult from a search and retrieval point of view.

The concept:
Audio data input and graphical display output… The implementation is the challenge, and technical bottlenecks abound. Otoh, its the sort of thing, where each bottleneck if solved has substantial stand alone value. It could well be the concept is too limited by current understanding, and something else could morph out of it too.

Some potential blue sky claims for such:
1. A voip wiretap system similar to the NaurusInsight, which would capture voice clips, based upon targeted text input. Voip/text enmass conversion is just too ungainly and slow, at least with current technology.
2. A mass conversion of said targeted voice clips to data, such as text which could indexed for search, error correction, or relevancy tests.
3. Based upon relevancy tests in 2, a graphical display would be created to present data to end users.
4. Beyond simple bio analysis, or hashtags, artificial intelligence could be used to analyze clips, as well as text snippets to facilitate bird of a feather grouping.
5. In addition, voice data of targeted clips could be analyzed for emotion, thus reducing the potential of errant communication.
6. Style of voice clips could be analyzed, and assigned a grouping of birds in a feather. Ie, those who are exceedingly literal and factual should be aware when joining a group, as to whether they live on satire, or are wiseguys, or dead serious etc.
7. The intent is not homogenity of groups, but more so greater initial understanding, thus fostering better relationships, and improved communication.

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