Digital TV Smart Antenna Connector

CEA-909 appears to have chosen a legacy connector for the smart antenna interface. Its the old DEC MMJ, and while it was a common part years back (even Digikey stocked the Amp 5-555237-2) the offset modular plug has long since seen its days come and go. Fortunately Cxtec still has some, and they are clearanced priced too! On the other hand, Amp/Tyco has them listed as obsolete, and there are no drawings online. Its always hard to tell for sure without a drawing though, ie, if CEA went proprietary, perhaps the latch is offset on the other side. I sure hope not, although either way, tooling will be a pain for small quantities.

The pinout is as follows:

Pin 1 gnd

Pin 2 +12VDC, 150mA current limit

Pin 3 gnd

Pin 4 gnd

Pin 5 data

Pin 6 gnd

The data specs are as follows:

8Khz pwm

2200 ohm load

Logic 0  41.7usec

Logic 1  83.3usec

Voltage levels

low 0-1V

high 2.0-5.5V

recommended drive from convertor or TV is a NPN with a 1K pullup to 5V to allow for bidirectional communications, ie CEA-909 mode B

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  1. Looking for a ditigal TV “Smart antenna”. I’ve heard there is an antenna that will move it’s reception direction automatically to receive the best reception. I have a converter box with an outlet for such an antenna. Can’t seem to locate one. Can you help?

  2. To locate CEA-909 compatible modular plugs and jacks, go to In the top search box type “6p6c offset latch” (without the quotes). They currently show 11 jacks and 11 plugs available.

    You can use the 12 volts on pin 2 from the digital converter box to control a relay, to control line power to the TV set.


  3. Thanks for the update! I greatly appreciate it. I thought the market for CEA-909 type of devices sort of died off. I’m glad to hear there is still some level of interest in it. I’m still a fan of OTA TV!

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