Virtual Events and Conferences

Over at Influential Marketing Blog, Rohit Bhargava presents 6 reasons why virtual events are becoming more popular. A couple I take issue with, but the rest are right on the mark. His first reason is budgetary, and he is right on the mark with that, although I think the situation is more bleak than he […]

Peak flow measurement via Iphone or Android (asthma management)

As part of asthma management, record keeping plays a major role. Yet, compliance with such is often times not all that good in the short term, and for the long term, likely non-existant. Part of the issue is the need to manually write down readings from a peak flow device, the next part is reviewing […]

The ultimate pedometer, and its free sort of….

The first android phones started rolling out on the T-Mobile system not too long ago, perhaps more widely knowm as the google phone. Android is the operating system the T-Mobile G1 runs under, and its almost open source, thus why I refer to such as android phones. Whats cool, is the ability to write your […]

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