Flooded Floors and Woodwork – Cleaning

Flooded Floors and Woodwork – Cleaning

The fun of flood recovery. I finally got an answer from the ins co yesterday. Insurance does not cover the loss…. well, I sort of figured that was the case. I don’t live anywhere near a flood plain, and in order to have water here, it would be exceedingly rare. Well, I was wrong… a 500 year flood can and does do a lot of damage.

So, I’ve been ripping out drywall, removing mold and mildew and chucking a lot of stuff. I had a fair amount of inventory, files, books, computers, and networking gear, all trashed. Thank goodness for hard drive backups that were elevated, but alas they were not totally in sync. The hard copy stuff is of course gone. It has been interesting to say the least.

I guess the good thing is, I’ll have one heck of a nice tax deduction, yet the bad thing is, with the loss of inventory, and local clients, the income dropped to about nill.

Thus, its been clean, and repair, while figuring out what all to take on next. One of the things the FEMA folks said, was not to try and save stuff unless it was clearly easy. In retrospect, that was some good advice. I probably should have stepped in, and just chucked more stuff, rather than try to recover or repair it, and instead concentrated on the infrastructure issues like wood and framing.

Thus, now things are a bit more complex than they ought to have been. At least going in with a wreaking bar early on, did allow the walls to drain, and hopefully mitigated the worst of things.

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