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As much as I crab about politics, not so much here, but elsewhere in webspace, I need to express my appreciation for the FBI. The average Joe on the street, unless one knows an agent personally knows they exist, and has an idea what they do, but thats about it. That was my perception as well, until a couple weeks ago.

Besides doing the invention work, I’m also a fairly heavily involved with web 2.0. Well a couple weeks back, we had a situation, where in someone went more than too far. And as a result, we had to take action. Normally this results in a lengthy conversation of what to do, and who to contact. In the mean time, another person contacted local law enforcement. In a matter of a few hours, we had contact with a couple FBI agents, and they got right to the task at hand. It made me wonder if these folks ever get any sleep, as their dedication was amazing, and their proactive stance to protect the public gave me the utmost confidence.

Sure, there are a lot of problems presented in the news media, where in the US govt goes too far. Yet, seeing these folks work, and their dedication shows there are some really great people in govt. I am incredibly impressed.

And yes, everything is cool….

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