Google Patent Search Beta The Good and the not so good

Official Google Blog: Now you can search for U.S. patents Hey wow, this is pretty cool. I’ve done some playing around with it to see how well it works, and its got some real potential. The good: Ease of use for the masses. The USPTO website really lacks when it comes to its interface. Its […]

Google Checkout Free until Dec 31,2007

Google Checkout Yes, its not a misprint, google is providing free payment processing until 2008. Talk about an amazing deal, and perhaps a cool way to bring some inventions online for no transaction fees. Granted the 2% transaction fee is not a big deal for most sales, but still it adds up. The other thing […]

Surface Systems Product Line- Mobile Pavement Sensor

Surface Systems Product Line- Mobile Pavement Sensor This is something I’ve thought about for quite a while. We had one as an option in our F1 setup back in 93. It was useful for profiling the circuit, especially as the suns heating changed. This particular device is used on snowplows and other transportation equipment. One […]

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