North Central DC9 at LSE in 1980 and FSS station

This was when I first was introduced to aviation. The FSS building (which also served as the passenger terminal is visible on the right. Back then, Wisconsin had flight service stations located at the major airports, where one could go and get a weather briefing in person.

In the mid-late 80’s the push was on to save money, so all FSS functions were moved to Green Bay, WI. However, at that point, personal weather briefings went by the wayside. The local knowledge of the micro-climate went out as well… although as the years passed, such info did seem to come back a little bit.

<%image(20051107-northcentral.jpg|480|331|North Central Airlines DC9 and FSS station at LSE)%>

In the early 90’s, DUAT came on the scene, and then slowly migrated to the web over the years. While personal weather breifings are a thing of the past, a voice call to the automated FSS is still available, and in regards to temporary flight restrictions, is still a good idea. Computer analysis of marginal weather just cannot beat the skill and knowledge of an experience FSS guy.

As far as North Central goes, they already were Republic Airlines but had yet to update the livery, and then finally ended up part of Northwest. Its too bad how aviation has changed over the years. I caught the tail end of the better days of commercial aviation, and slowly saw it crash into the ground. Today, commercial aviation has become little more than taking a bus, and travel is a major pita. Years ago, that was not the case. Be sure to check out this promo film from PanAm. Wow, how have things changed.

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