Final Report on the Collapse of the World Trade Center Towers

NISTNCSTAR1CollapseofTowers.pdf (application/pdf Object) NIST has released their report, and has a number of recommendations. As with anything NIST takes on, its pretty well done. The report is 298 pages, but the recommendations start on page 251. There were a few eye openers in this report, but then again, knowing politics maybe not. Large projects unfortunately […]

Precipitation Measurement System Hotplate

DRI: HotPlate%u2122 ADVANCED PRECIPITATION-MEASURING SYSTEM This is an interesting piece of technology. If one has ever experienced a tipping bucket rain gauage getting frozen, you will readily see the advantages of this system. While I’m not totally convinced that this is as accurate for the long haul compared to a tipping bucket, considering the benefits […]

Internet controlled bridge sprayer and RWIS

SCAN Web 4.5.1 – Site Status Most states in the northern climates have a system in place for monitoring road conditions, and in a few cases, providing for remote control of bridge sprayers and other anti-ice devices. The idea is to optimize scheduling and chemical mix to provide a reasonable level of safety while minimizing […]

Powerful LED’s looking for a killer app

A good friend of mine is a major US distributor for Paralight. About a year ago, he had the factory guys making sales calls with him, and we got to sit down and discuss their latest and greatest products. Like many companies, the literature and marketing efforts tend to run a little behind the engineering […]

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