Pathology, Sewage, and Supplements

Article: Sewage waters a tenth of world’s irrigated crops�| New Scientist Everytime I come across a health related article I get a good laugh. Are people so far removed that this seems strange, wrong, or is new to them. Amazing, the amount of hoopla things generate. Then again, as stated in the article, “..Water, health, […]

Jerk and New Product Development

VentureBlog: Accelerating Acceleration One of the commenters on Andrew Ankers blog brought to light an interesting concept. The derivative of acceleration is jerk, something learned way back when in high school physics classes. He also stated that marketers not engineers are in control, and jerk will increase as product development becomes more customer centric. Responding […]

spamgourmet – free disposable email addresses, spam blocking

spamgourmet – free disposable email addresses, spam blocking This is super cool. I use hotmail and now yahoo extensively as my primary contact address. Only after a trusted relationship is established do I use my real address. Even then, I still get spam, but its reduced quite a bit. This service is even better. Spamgourmet […]

Stage-Gate – A way to win against the big boys

Stage-Gate, Inc. – Giving Wings to New Product Development Stage Gate development is some new ideas combined with old tested and true methodology. Its sort of a book of the month approach to project management used by the big boys. Its also a great way to bolster ones consulting business. The orderly approach has great […]

LMV2011 a cool op amp for low level signals

LMV2011.pdf (application/pdf Object) The LMV2011 has really decent power supply rejection ratio. Most of the time, its a fake advertising spec, as its only valid for DC to a few Hz. If you try to use the average opamp in audio, it will pass 60Hz hum like there is no tomorrow. While the LMV2011 is […]

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